Living in the Past

Read through Bradley Kuhn's article on Living in the Past. I think it pretty much says many of the things I have said before, though maybe more eloquently. While I have pretty much converted to XFCE in the last 3 months, I can appreciate that GNOME is working towards a different audience set. I also agree with Bradley that ranting about it doesn't make anything better.. it just makes people more entrenched which clearly makes things work less. So I am happy to use XFCE and will work in whatever way I can to "make it a stepup from GNOME-2.32" for Linus and the like.

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Anonymous said...

I think some ranting is reasonable. Lots of people have been using Gnome for years, and now seems that the desktop they love it's not for them any more.

So ranting, denying reality, etc it's reasonable; and then one can try to change Gnome 3 to make it fit their needs, or move on to a different desktop.

I'm looking forward to see the effect of so many new XFCE users.