Need a roof redone in Albuquerque?

Well this is not my usual post, but I wanted to say a good thing about a roofing contractor. The house we bought in Albuquerque has been a real fixer-upper. One of the first things we had to get done was having the flat roof's redone as they had not been replaced since 1984. Instead they had about 4 inches of tar and gravel from multiple patching. We had a couple of contractors come out to make bids, and we were really impressed by Lawrence Otero's bid. He came in, showed us what was the problem and was honest that this was not a minor repair.

When the roof repair work was done, he grew the team to meet the needs of the roof as lots of old tar had to be removed, and it was threatening to rain that evening. We had both flat roofs done in a day due to the increased workers and equipment. The area was cleaned up, and he came out later to go over what had been done to make sure everything was up to our satisfaction. We had one problem with a clogged drain pipe that they repaired and cleaned up.

This week we went with Otero and Sons to replace the rear porch roof. It was also a 'mess' of patching and tars which had given up in parts due to last summer's monsoons. Old material was removed, inspection of rotten wood found only a damaged sheet of plywood that was replaced, and the roof was redone and resealed. This morning they came in and did the chimney's roof which had several 'leaks'. They cleaned up and everyone was friendly and explained what was going on (something I have found that some

All in all, my wife and I are very happy with the work. It was not the lowest bid, but it was the best bid and the work was quite good. In two years when we get the last major roof (a 1200 square foot sloping roof currently with old ceramic tile) redone, we will be going with them again.

Otero and Sons

[For computer related information: a) roofing is a job where adding more people can get it done faster versus software. b) when you are doing contract work, cleaning up after you are done and going over what was done goes a long way.]

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