Voted Today

Wow, I have not posted in a long long time. Well I will start doing so with today's topic starting with a non-Fedora one... US Elections. I voted. It was easy, it was fast, and I think our local county clerk did a great job in making it so that every voting place could be 'your' voting place by moving the printing of ballots to each place. There were multiple receipts and coverage so that verification of the correct ballot and correct voter could be done after the election. Which is nice after watching the videos of people who are trying to vote for X candidate but getting Y chosen for them due to either capacitive touch problems (or possibly other issues.)

In the backyard right now I am watching the mountain birds begin to arrive at the bird feeders. They haven't found the "suet" feeder as attractive as the Nyger seed or the regular seed. The local pigeons have grown fat over the summer... the dog actually was able to grab one yesterday.. which after eating her share, decided to give the rest to me. Good doggie... but I am not sure I want rat-bird to eat. But it has meant that the back yard has fewer pigeons in it today so I am happy.

In Fedora news. I am working on some papers for the FUDcon.. have to finish them up in the next week or so. For relaxation, I built a box out of various spare parts from friends.. it is about 2 year old hardware and probably the fastest system in my house :). The story of Frankenbox will be my next post.

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