Monday 2011-11-14

Spent most of the weekend not sleeping well to this lingering cough. My mood was quite foul and rude by the end of yesterday. Broke down and got some cough medicine which helped my sleep last night quite a bit.

After extensive semi-blind testing (making identical sandwiches and then randomly eating them later in the day), I have come to the conclusion that Dennis Gilmore is correct: Vegemite tastes much better than Marmite. I think it has to do with the Malt extract in Vegemite versus "Vegetable" extract used in Marmite.  Then lo and behold this evening a third contender appeared on my doorstep all the way from Shropshire England: Bovril.

Tasks today

  1. Email catchup. Two days of email is quite a lot.
  2. Try to figure out serverbeach routing with Kevin
  3. More email.
  4. Clean up old disks off of serverbeach05
  5. More email.
  6. Lots of tiny IRQ's all different.
[Edited 2011-11-15. I got Bovril not Marmite.]
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