Customer Review Requested

Robyn writes:

Ryan and I drove up today from that magical place known as Tempe, Arizona, starting a bit after lunch. We met up with Smooge, who was in town to do magical things with servers, and had a good lunch and talk about all sorts of things (infrastructure, vision, and our Epic Waiter Who Talks All Manly and Buttery).

It was a good lunch, and the first one where the wait staff asked us to fill out a performance review:

When speaking with your waiter, did you feel
  1. Cold like ice
  2. Warm like a late spring day
  3. Hot and buttery like Fabio himself had come off the hot desert sands riding a black stallion to cart you off to his tent

Was your waiter's eye contact
  1. Short and indirect
  2. Moderate and business like
  3. Long and intense, making you feel that your every whim would be fulfilled with extra chocolate sauce

These sorts of things only seem to happen when you go to lunch with marketing people.

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robyn said...

I think he was only making eye contact with me. No, no, correction: Extremely Creepy eye contact with me.