In Memorium: David J Northrop

Today, my good friend David Northrop died at work today. He was my boss and also my friend. While I had heard of him years ago when I was at New Mexico Tech, I had never met David until I was interviewing for a job at UNM a couple of years ago. David was smart, inquisitive and had done it all: startup, big business, hypno-therapist. The hypno therapist was the biggest reason I took the job. From what David told me, he had done hypnotism mainly as a way to hack the brain. It was a pure computer geeks view of how malleable we all are. David was one of those few computer geeks who could do computers and manage people. He was always available when a crisis occurred and was very good about getting out of people's ways when they were getting stuff fixed.

Anyway, he was a good friend, and I will miss him. As David always said on the way out... "Nighty night"
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