Note from Republican Elitist: Obama got it right

Note this will be my only political blog for April 2008 etc.. I am supposed to be talking about EPEL and such :).

I have been a Republican since 1992 when I tossed a dice and the 1:6 chance of joining that party came up. I mean the party subscribed at that time to some of my views (balanced budget, term-limits, streamlined government, etc) but veered from others which pretty much is the same for every other party I could have joined... some of my views not all of them.

And what I can tell from the last 16 years of TV ads, telephone calls, get out the vote people dropping by my door.. they all play on bitterness, fear, anger, and cynicism. And from the ones who come over for my wife's vote (she is a different party), it is the same. From all the emails I get from various relations, acquaintances, random people I don't know.. the message is the same: bitterness, fear, anger, and cynicism. Yell that the other politicians are going to take away your babies, your guns, your rights, your jobs, or yell that they are going to make you have more babies, more guns, but take away your rights and your jobs. All of it stoking fear, bitterness, anger, and hatred. All of it pushing buttons in our heads to suffer more... with the idea that voting for the person in front of you, the suffering will stop.

And when someone comes out and talks about the elephant in the room.. we all act like the chimps who have to beat up the new chimp because he is going to get a banana and we are all going to get hosed again.

So I am going to say "Hell Yeah", and the next pollster who calls or comes to my door is going to get a "Why are you trying to make me bitter?" in the face... because all it takes is the removal of one t and you have "biter".. and thats what I am going to be. [But not on this blog.. expect EPEL, CentOS, and RHEL posts soon.]